Thursday, 10 March 2011

10 March! 10 March! 10 March

Assalamualaikum cemua :)

10th March!

 When it comes to lovin' couples,
don't we make the perfect pair-
There's romance, love, and laughter
in the friendship that we share.
We care enough to listen,
to trust and understand.
To build a life together,
side by side and hand in hand.
We both know that we're lucky
and we've got a good thing going.
Through ups and downs
and give and take,
our love just keeps on growing...
'Cause I bring out the best in you,
and you the best in me-
I guess it takes the two of us
to make the perfect "we."

- Author Unknown -

 I Love u I love u I love u I love u I Love u Dear.
Happy 3rd Anniversary :)

5 Orang ikut Membebel:

asrul said...

thanks dear!i love u much as your's.

sue mohd said...


cikcleopatra said...

love u too!!!muahaha..tetibe..

yaya said...

lap u 2! tetiba gak! :P

sue mohd said...

lap kamu2 smua smpi bersih jgk! :l:


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